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About MMGC

MacLellan & Moffatt Group Consultants (MMGC) has been involved with the Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP) for over a decade.

Our role as the broker/consultant  is to ensure “best results” are achieved in your group insurance program. We manage the relationship between the client (NSISP) insured parties, and the insurance carrier selected to provide the benefits.  In this case your insurance company is Medavie Blue Cross

As independent consultants we have extensive knowledge of the various group insurance providers. This qualifies us to offer objective advice and make recommendations based on the groups specific benefit need criteria.

MMGC is a group insurance and pension consulting firm based in Nova Scotia with clients throughout the Maritime provinces and eastern Canada. Our team is headed by Mark Denholm, Garfield Moffatt and Angela Smith. 

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Insurance Provider

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