About Medavie Blue Cross

Since 1943 Medavie Blue Cross has been a trusted provider of individual and group health services, products and solutions in Atlantic Canada.

Medavie Blue Cross is a people-centered, not-for-profit corporation.  Our 1,700 employees work to serve the diverse health and wellness needs of an impressive number of individuals and groups throughout the region.  Our respected business practices bring value to our clients in the form of unparalleled product flexibility, real-time solutions and exceptional service, rather than benefiting shareholders. We offer several value added services and lead the industry in effective benefit plan management.

We believe Medavie Blue Cross can offer any organization the best service and products because we understand the unique needs, challenges and priorities of our clients. With our 1700 employees, the number of groups and individuals we serve and the level at which we give back to our communities has a tremendous economic impact on the provinces we deal with. We re-invest any earnings into product development and improvements, technology advancements and improved service delivery. Our organizational growth directly influences the number of employment opportunities in New Brunswick. These are just some of the reasons our tradition of partnership with some of our clients continues to be successful after more than 40 years.

Through our products, practices and expertise such as ongoing research in health care trends, detailed auditing, state-of-the-art adjudication and claims database systems and regular provision of claims statistics we are able to create and manage affordable plans for our clients.

Plan members benefit from our pay direct system for prescription drug, paramedical and dental reimbursements representing 87 per cent of all claims. Plan members have their claims paid before leaving their provider’s office and don’t have to spend time seeking reimbursement.

We believe in giving back to our communities. The Building Healthy Communities™ program was established to support positive outcomes in the health and welfare of people in the regions where our employees and plan members live and work. On an annual basis, Medavie Blue Cross and our employees contribute to a variety of registered Canadian charities including the United Way, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, Alzheimer’s Society, MS Society, Arthritis Society, the Boys and Girls Club, the Dr. Georges- L.-Dumont Hospital Foundation and the Friends of the Moncton Hospital Foundation. Over a 15-year period, the Medavie Blue Cross Canoe Challenge raised more than $1.5 million for the IWK Health Centre Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Atlantic Canada. Medavie Blue Cross supports our employees’ efforts to give back to their communities through our matching programs by donating money for volunteer hours, team fundraising efforts and participation in health related events.

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