Visiting A Doctor?

If you have a medical concern that requires professional medical attention, you have a number of choices depending on your need and availability:

Family Doctor

  • For non-emergency health issues
  • Offers consistent service from the same doctor each visit
  • If your host family has a family doctor, they may be able to arrange for you to see them.  Otherwise, many family doctors do not accept new patients
  • Office hours are usually during the work day

Walk-in Clinic

  • For non-emergency health issues
  • You will be served by whatever doctor is available 
  • Often open evenings and weekends  – call to check times and book an appointment
  • Often your best option for convenience and accessibilty

Hospital Emergency Room

  • For serious or life-threatening condition or injury
  • You cannot schedule a visit
  • Depending on the severity of your concern, you may need to wait several hours
  • If it is not an emergency, use this as your last resort (i.e. middle of the night)